Increasing Screen Resolution


I'm running osx 10.5 off a intel mac mini through a samsung syncmaster 920nw.
the native resolution is 1440x900 60hz
i'm a designer, and often i find that i simply don't have enough screen space, is there any way that i can increase the resolution, display preferences don't give me that option, i've downloaded software called switchresx, but i can't seem to get the resolution right and also the software expires eventually.

is there any other method you could recommend?


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LCD monitors have a maximum (or "native") resolution that you cannot exceed.

If you want higher resolution, you must purchase a higher resolution monitor.


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Also remember that the video chipset in the Mac mini is also finite in how high a resolution you can go, so if the maximum resolution allowed by the chipset is 1440x900 and the higher resoluton monitor has the ability to go higher than that, you'll only be able to get the chipset to go as high as it can (which is in this case 1440x900). Having a higher resolution monitor won't make the video chipset on the Mac mini go beyond the video chipset's maximum resolution. Just thought I would throw that in there.


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It's correct that you won't get a higher resolution than the monitor's native one. You can still get one that does 1680*1050 or one that does 1920*1200, of course. I'd go for a DVI-connection for those resolutions.