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I've been working in print for over 20 years now, but some fool decided that it was time for the old dog to learn a new trick. Lo and behold, CaptainQuark becomes CorporalDreamweaver. :(

One of my resposibilities is to create and distribute the company's e-newsletter. At the moment, I create the newsletter in Dreamweaver and then copy the code into Netscape Navigator's Mail, using its 'Insert HTML' function before sending it off to the hundreds and thousands of punters who all eagerly await the next installment of company news. ::ha::


For a variety of reasons, I don't want to have to use Nutscrape and would prefer to use Apple Mail (I'm on v1.3.11/OS X 10.3.9). Problem is, I can't find an obvious way of importing HTML into Mail.

Do any of the geniuses that frequent this eminent forum have any suggestions? Thanks!



The Late: SuperMacMod

You can't create an HTML email in Mail, but what you can do is :-

1) Create the HTML page as you would normally,
2) Open the page in Safari
3) Goto "File" menu option -> Select "Mail Contents of this Page"
4) Mail opens an email, which should be the webpage you had in Safari.
5) Send email


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Hi Bobw,

Thanks for the speedy reply!

Errrr… I can't find "Mail Contents of this Page" in any of my Safari menus (I'm on v1.3.1). Am I missing something?

Thanks again!



I've been thinking of using Mail 2 to send my email newsletters out too, but so far have avoided it because of the bizarre reason of it seeming to easy!

Has anyone had any problems with the emails rendering badly in other email clients on all OS's?

If all seems to be fine, I may well give it a go.