install 10.1 from firewire hd? no cd burner...


i have been unable to find a 10.1 upgrade cd anywhere.... but i didt find the upgrade on a news server... my question is this... can i install 10.1 from a firewire hd? I want to format the 30 gig hd in my powerbook and do a clean install... will i be able to do this and how... i would order it from Apple, but i've waited so long for 10.1 and being a college student 20$ is a lot of money for me...
You've got to somehow be able to boot the 10.1 upgrade, so you might be able to copy the files out of the disk image onto the firewire HD then select that HD in the startup disk control panel (or the startup disk panel under system prefs in 10.0) and then boot off of that disk and update your 10.0.X copy.

And doing a clean install all depends on what 10.1 CD you have. If you have the full-install image, YES, you can. If you have the 10.1 updater image, then NO you cannot do a full install. AND -- you can actually screw yourself good if you try.

My 10.1 update disk that I got from the Apple store has an option, when installing, to erase and re-format the target disk. The literature included with the CD says specifically NOT to do this, because after it formats the drive, it will NOT find any 10.0.X installation to update!
You don't have to boot onto the CD. If you're already in X then insert the CD and go into the System->Installation->Packages folder and run the OSInstall.mpkg. It will run the installer from X. It's not recommended but it works without a problem.