install contacts from iCloud to Mac


My contacts cards in Contacts disappeared from my Mac air and went into iCloud and I want to get them back in my Mac. How do I do it?
Go to your Contacts on a Mac (in Ventura) and open System Preferences-> Internet Accounts, iClod and chose to download contacts from iCloud !
I must be really thick but I can't follow that track. In contacts there is no System Preferences, only System Settings. In that there is no Internet Accounts> iCloud. I CAN get there by opening Contacts and under the Contacts in the menu bar click on Accounts. There I can go to iCloud but nowhere does it offer the possibility to download anything. And yes I am on OSX 13.3.1 (a) Ventura.
I am saying in Ventura YOU choose in Internet Accounts pane in the iCloud portion when you set it it ups to sync, choose download to Contacts!
Again I feel really stupid that I can't follow what you are writing. Could you please write a clear step-by step of how to get to the Internet Accounts pane that you mention and how to proceed from there? It is not clear at all to me, maybe it is to someone more accomplished with the system.
And while I have your attention- Just now I got emails sago that my iCloud account was full and there is no more room. At the same time my entire desktop and documents folder's contents were gone! They were all moved to the iCloud but removed from my local machine. I have no clue as to how this happened (obviously something I did when trying to follow your instructions for the contacts) and I had to manually bring them back from iCloud onto my computer with the warning from Apple that they no longer will exist in iCloud and won't be available anymore on any of my other devices (which I never access from anyway). What is going on and how can I stop this from happening? I never wanted to use iCloud but it seemed to be the only way that Apple will synch the computer with the iPhone or iPad anymore. It drives me crazy!