Install Problem


Hello everyone,

I am having a problem with OS X Tiger. I installed SpendThrift after download from I dragged the icon back to the dock, for easier launch. Every Time that is launch the program now, an icon shows up on my desktop that sort of looks like an external hard drive.

This has happened more than once with more than one program. Anyone know how to fix it, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

What you downloaded is a disk image of the application, not the actual executable application.

Double-click the file you downloaded, and when the "hard drive" icon appears on the desktop, double-click to open it. Inside you will find the actual application file or folder than can then be dragged to your Applications folder. Unmount the hard drive icon like you would anything else (drag to trash) and either discard or keep the disk image you downloaded -- it's not needed anymore unless you want to reinstall or want the "extras" that may be included with some disk images (like manuals, etc.).

Then you can drag the application itself from the Applications folder (or the folder the application is in) to the Dock.

You can tell these kinds of files apart from others by their icon -- it looks like a blank sheet of paper with an edge curl in the upper-right, and a picture of a hard drive in the center... alternatively, you can also look at the extension of the file with Get Info or the Terminal, or even in the Finder sometimes. Files with extensions of "IMG" or "DMG" or "ISO" or "CDR" are all examples of disk images which contain a virtual hard drive that must be mounted to access the data.
Thank you so much. You're a genius. I appreciate all the help. This website gives me another reason to be such a happy mac user. (i switched from pc in may 2005).