Installer Vise - Files in Package


I have a patch here that is using the Installer Vise software. Basically I want to be able to see what files are in that package. Alternatively I want to be able to see where the files are extracted. My current method is doing an ls -lR
Then install the files (The installer doesn't actually install, that’s why I want to see what’s in the package).
Then I'll do an ls -lR and run a diff on it.

Is there any default directory where these files would extract? It's not a disk image file, and it's not any type of noticeable zip. When I run "file theviseinstallerzip" it returns data. Also the header of the file is: SVCT _þýsº} _€

(Another interesting tidbit, is the resource file contains a perl script, odd?)


OP has not returned since 2004.

If it is a .pkg - you should be able to view the files with Pacifist.