Installing Mac Os X Yosemite Dvd Into Virtualbox In Windows 8.1


So this past week, I bought this new DVD from eBay. It was a MAC OS X Yosemite DVD, and I was hoping I could try to install this DVD into VirtualBox and run the OS in there, under my Windows 8.1 PC. I've had no luck so far: I've tried to convert the DVD to an ISO, also tried converting the DVD into a so-called bootable USB drive, still nothing happened. I even tried to install using VMWare, with the same results, nothing. If anyone has any suggestions on what I should do, or have any advice, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Keep in mind that Apple has not provided ANY OS X system installer on a DVD, since OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
The DVD that you bought is one that someone made, then used that to sell you the OS X system installer that Apple provided for free (and as a free download of the installer)

A better idea would be that you could have easily purchased the Yosemite installer already on a USB flash drive. Much more reliable installing than from a DVD, and you will likely need to get an ISO on a USB device anyway.

And, finally, your best help will NOT be on a Mac forum, but I would suggest that you try at one of the sites that provides support forums for hackintosh (which is essentially what you are doing to run OS X on non-Apple hardware. I know that you want to do that through a VM, but the goal is really that same as a hackintosh system) Try one of those sites, such as