installing open bsd on virtual pc 7


i'm in an operating systems class in school and i need to install openBSD on virtual pc. first of all is this possible, i've heard that it is. second i've downloaded the .vhd virtual pc disk images. i'm wondering how i create a virtual machine using these 2 vhd files? can anyone help

OK, I think I understand the confusion now.. :p

Doug is referring to Virtual PC hard drive images if I am correct.
yes i'm refering to vpc images. open bsd was given to me from my school and i bought vpc7. nothing is pirated. now can somone help me install openbsd on vpc7:) thanks
If I'm not mistaken, simply create a new virtual machine, and point your hard drive image to the VHD image in the Virtual Machine Settings/Preferences.
can you explain more or does anyone else have an opinion? its not letting me select a disk says do you want to install windows, dos, unix