I have an ibook that connects to my home wireless network. It is configured to obtain an ip address automatically from the wireless modem/router as are my other ms windows devices. The ibook acquires all requires ipconfiguration from the modem/router e.g ip add, mask and router. I have left the DNS field blank but i cannot seem to browse any web pages. When i fire up internet explorer i get a message indicating that it cannot find a PPPoE server. Please help.



Hi Gwin and welcome to the forum.
Simply make sure your wan is setup correctly on your router. Turn off any wep/wpa encryption (for now) and turn off MAC filters. Set your ibooks network settings to automatically and empty all fields. Apply these new network settings (also turn off PPPOE) and see if IE connects to the internet. Good luck!


Thank you for your rapid response, really appreciated. I have one question, where do i turn off PPPoE?


U.S.D.A. Prime
Go to System Preferences and select "Network"

Then, click on "Built-in Ethernet" and click the "Configure..." button at the bottom.

Click the "PPPoE" tab, and make sure the checkbox labeled "Connect using PPPoE" is unchecked.