Interpreting Console Content


Does anyone know a source for interpreting the various messages in the Console program especially the ones that report some type of error? As an example:
2/26/15 2:59:36.000 PM kernel[0]: jnl: disk5s2: replay_journal: from: 4319232 to: 4418048 (joffset 0x1461000)

2/26/15 2:59:36.346 PM fseventsd[20]: disk logger: failed to open output file…
No. There are thousands of Console messages that are displayed even when everything is ok on any Mac. It would be nice to have a dictionary of these messages. Everything is running fine on my computer at the moment. But one would like to prevent future problems. For instance this is interesting:
3/11/15 10:24:28.099 AM sandboxd[316]: ([706]) deny file-write-unlink /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/nealnt/Library/Saved Application State/

Probably means nothing but who knows.
Whenever some trivial thing misbehaves on my Mac, the usual first advice is: Check the console for unusual entries. After doing that, I'm more scared than I was before. I get zillions of these and similar items.

3/13/15 7:01:05.000 AM kernel[0]: Sandbox: deny file-read-data /

Sooner or later I expect to see "disk full" errors just because of the size of the logs.
Teh console messages take time to learn their meaning - and most of them can be ignored.
A lot depends on the verbosity levels too.
I would need a lot more to find more about the issues causing your short line of error message.