Invalid Apple ID

John Varela

A couple of years ago, when Verizon turned their email servers over to AOL, I abandoned in favor of I had been using a address as an Apple ID, and I changed it to a current email address. Same account, new name, with the help of Apple support.

I have an Apple TV that has not been used for years, since before the change of Apple ID. I want to use it this weekend for a slide show that's in iTunes on the iMac. When I do, for reasons that escape me, the Apple TV displays the first slide or two of the slideshow and then demands that I log into iCloud using the old Apple ID. I believe I have remembered the old password, but that is of no use since the Apple ID itself is invalid.

Two questions:

1. In iTunes preferences, "Share entire library" is selected and "Require password" is not selected, and the communication is all on the LAN, so I don't know why the Apple TV is asking for a password. Is there some way to make the Apple TV stop asking for Apple ID and password?

2. If the answer to #1 is "No", then is there some way to reset the Apple TV and give it a current, correct Apple ID? If the Apple TV came with instructions they have, unfortunately, been lost.
I believe the Apple TV is getting it from it's own settings. And have you updated the OS on AppleTV?
One would think so. I had clicked Menu any number of times, expecting to see something that looked like an iPad home page. I finally realized that the Settings icon plays hide-and-seek in an array with 74 other icons. Now that I know where it is, it seems obvious. Anyway, that allowed me to solve my problem. Thank you for helping.