invalid key length, 4,8763


A friend of mine is having problems with her iMac. I'm not very good at resolving Mac software problems, because my macs don't throw them up often enough. I'll be suggesting a backup while it still works, and then a low-level format/installation from scratch. Can anyone here suggest anything? Here is what she wrote:-

Hey ho!

I am in a spot of bother with my good friend Mr iMac..... can you
please help me??

I have had to swap over to MacOS X (blech...) because it is the only
way to get it to boot. Apparently I have a system error or something... and when I run Disk First Aid... it tells me this: Problem: invalid key length, 4,8763

Am worried it is some hideous fatal error... it keeps threatening me with not booting again.... eeek.... for now, MaxOS X will load... but me is very scared.

Do you know what is wrong with my little baby??? How can I fix it? I tried reloading 9.2... which it can do, but it doesn't fix the error... and it even tells me so.... very worried... very worried indeed....

Help pleeeeease!


Where mah "any" keys at?
I'd recommend giving it a good DiskWarrior spanking and see if it shapes up. ;)


This is the kind of problem that needs a third party disk repair utility. DiskWarrior is good; Norton SystemWorks (emergency boot disk only), TechTool Pro, or Drive10 - take your pick. I like DiskWarrior, but each has fans.

Or, the other choice is: Back up, REFORMAT, and reinstall everything.


The Late: SuperMacMod
If you're running OS X and don't want to lose anything on that system, DO NOT use Nortons. DiskWarrior is the best utility for the problem you're having. If that doesn't correct it, you'll have to reformat.