Invisible Files in a's IMAP account


My school offers both IMAP and POP access to the mail server. Since I am going home for the year, I would like to switch it to an IMAP connection so I can get my mail from anywhere. Everything is working swell except for one thing: In the ACCOUNTS drawer, the IMAP Account is listed with an Inbox and a Deleted items folder - which is fine. However, it also lists all of the invisible directories and files that are on the Boston University server for my username. So, as subdirectories, I have things like .addressbook, etc. Is there any way I can make these invisible in also? This is the first time I've used IMAP (other than my account), so I don't know if this is normal or a bug or a BU server bug.

Please help!

Thanks, Jordan.
Well, I can tell you it is not only with your server. I have the smae problem up here at the university of Alaska, Fairbanks.