Iomega Cd Burner Won't Work Anymore


i recently updated to mac 10.3.9 and my cd burner won't work anymore. under system software is says disc burning is not supported with my iomega CDRW86522EXT3-B: how can this be? earlier in the year it worked fine, and I did burn discs. What happens now is that sometimes it says that my disc isn't supported, and if I do get throught the burning nothing plays on my regular compact disc players. (I'm burning audio files)


My burner hasn't worked well since I got it! & Now I'm told the G-4 Imac is an antique! I have never had it all figured out & functioning let alone it's time to get a new one...Don't know if I want a new one!
Try getting the OWC external Firewire drives. That compony use the Oxford firewire chip and I have used their products for over 5 years and counting without a hickup. That chip they use seem very rock solid. Also consider getting a CD/DVD cleaning disk and use it on the drive if you have been using it for a while. Dust can get into disk drives after a couple of years of use.