iOS 14


I updated my iPhone 8 to iOS 14 and have discovered that when I send a Live Picture photo to another recipient also on 14 that the attributes to Live Picture are not active. The photo is transposed to a .jpg and no longer a Live Picture with its frames. However, if the Live Picture is sent to someone running iOS13.xx it is intact and has the 2-3 second video frames available. Has anyone experienced this anomaly and if so, is there a workaround?
Aside from waiting for iOS 14.2 to be released?
On mine iPad the movies sounds sound like they are messed up! I’ve rebooted the iOD but sense the update the Movie sounds bad on headphones (I tried several headphones but both sound horrible)! Hopping a update will fix these crazy sounds in several different apps in the next update!
Well I stand corrected! After cleaning my iPad headphone jack was dirty and I blew it out and now works! So make sure you clean out ports when new warmers fire up on cold nights!;)