IOS 7 iTunes Download Only option


I started downloading IOS 7 with iTunes last night before going to bed, and when I checked on it this morning iTunes download window showed it was done. I just checked for it in ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates and it's not there. Did Apple change where the download goes to?
If I remember correctly, to update multiple iPhones/iPods I would need to connect each device individually then Option click the Update button in iTunes and then navigate to where the update downloaded to. Is this correct?
Preface to say I've never gone that route. When updating 2 iPhones and 1 iPad, I updated directly through iTunes. The iOS7 download was just about 7 minutes each; therefore, I would only have saved 14 minutes if done your way. Not a great penalty for going it the 'no-fuss' way.
Living out in the middle of no where Alaska, I don't get the same internet speed as you do. iTunes was showing an ETA of 7 hours to download the IOS 7 update when I went to bed last night. :eek:

Just ran a search with Finder for IOS 7 and it didn't show up on the list. I guess iTunes didn't download it even when it showed that 1.?? GB was Done downloading.
Would the download for IOS 7 have "IOS 7" in the name of the file? (I don't think so...)

You may be more productive searching for a recent file, more than 1GB in size. I think it's unlikely you would have many downloads that large, with your limited internet connection.
I just did a thorough search (including hidden files) of my Mac, and could not find iOS7, or any variation of it. Leads me to think that Apple has it stashed somewhere inaccessible!

Which is faster for you: cell service or your internet service? Apparently not the internet. :) You can update over cell (in settings), but it might be costly depending on your plan. By the way, Apple issued another update today: iOS 7.0.2

(I'll presume you already have the newest iTunes: 11.1.0)
Found it. It was right there under my nose... where it's supposed to be... in the Software Updates folder. The iPhone4,1 in the files name threw me off.[sigh]I'm getting old.[/sigh]

The download actually took about 4 hours rather than 7. If the cell service is the same as their internet service then, my internet connection is a lot faster than theirs, and they charge quite a bit for data overages to their meager monthly limits.

Yes, I have the latest iTunes installed and no, IOS 7 was not in the name of the file for a 4S (iPhone4,1_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw).

You wouldn't know the size of the 7.0.2 update, would you?
Thanks. I tried the Download Only option and iTunes showed it as a 1.19 GB download. Using iTunes Update option showed it will be done in about 22 hours. :eek: I'll try downloading it later tonight.
The actual update likely won't download, unless you are updating a device that already has iOS 7.
THAT should give you the 20MB download, and you could update each device that you have already updated to 7.0
That small 7.0.2 update should only take a couple of minutes for each device that already has 7.0

Keep in mind that the 7.0 install that you have already downloaded is ONLY for an iPhone 4S. If you have other, different iOS devices, you STILL need to download the full updates for each different device. That update can't be used on an iPad, for example.