iPhone 5/iOS 6 and wifi - a failure to connect.


My new iphone 5 seems to be working perfectly...with one curious and frustrating exception - it won't connect to my home wifi network. I can connect to OTHER wifi networks - at home, at Starbucks - but not my HOME network.

Now, I AM using Access Control on my Netgear router but I added the new phone's MAC address to the allowed devices settings. Still...can't connect. I've power-cycled the router, power-cycled the phone, reset the phone's network settings. Nothing has worked.

I've seen other folks having wifi issues with iOS 6 but I haven't heard of the problem being this selective. I'm looking for any ideas of how to get my new phone to connect with the ONE wifi network it seems unable to connect to.

Help, please?? :-/


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How is your network setup? WP2, 5GHz and if you are you using the 2.4 GHz range or the true 5 GHz range?

Plus some users with NetGear routers report if the fo into their router settings and turn off the channel 'auto' configuration and choose a single dedicated channel helps.


Sounds like you're using MAC address control instead of WEP2. Change it and add a password. I've not had a lot of luck using 5 Ghz, but 2.4 Ghz works flawlessly with my new iPhone 5 & my Netgear router.


Well, it's a Netgear WGR614 v6 operating in g-only mode with WPA-PSK security enabled AND I'm using MAC address filtering. It's set to a single channel, too. The operating frequency is shown in the documentation as 2.4-2.5 GHz. Does that info help you at all?