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i copied the iphoto library from my computer to an external Hard Drive, and deleted the one on my computer, the external HD has been stolen, but in iphoto there still apear photos, but when i click on them it doest show the big image, only a expression mark (!) in a circle.
1) How can i create a new iphoto library on my computer?
2)Can i recover my photos with time machine?

In another computer i start it and it apears a folder with a question mark, what should i do?

Thank you very much in advance


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Hello kawann & welcome to the forum :)

I'm sorry to hear this kawann, if you have truly deleted your iPhoto Library from your Mac's internal HD and the only backup of these photos are on your stolen ext HD, then AFAIK, there's very little you can do unless you are using Time Machine which is a Leopard feature where you can revert to an earlier version of your internal Hard Drives contents.

I hope there's a chance you can retrieve your stolen HD ...

ALL I can think of at this time to sort of save your library is this.

Using the slider in the iPhoto Library View, slide it all the way to the right so the photo thumbnails are at their largest.
Using the Screenshot method ( shift + Command ( ⌘) + 3), capture each Library window as you scroll downwards ... this will take some time depending on how many photos you had.

Here's an example, I took a screenshot of my iPhoto Library with the app window fully maximise and with the thumbnails also at their max size:

Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch[/URL]

Of course, this is sub-optimal and who knows how long it could take ... but at least you will have some semblence of your lost photo collection.

It's a good idea to have 2 backups ... I know I sound like a parent ... but hindsight is a powerful tool ... and hang on ... I AM a parent :)


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If you have been using Time Machine then if you were using it before the pictures move then do these steps:

1. Navigate to /Users/YourUserName/Pictures/ and leave the Finer window open.

2. Startup Time Machine and it should navigate back in time on that open folder and look for the file "iPhoto Library".

3. If you find the file (back in time before you moved it to the external) Restore it.

This should work if you been running Time Machine before your iPhoto Library move.