Iphoto Storage


Let me first say, I know very little about MAC and use a pc. A friend of mine (who owns a MAC) kept her photos on her computer in the iphoto program. She had some kind of trouble with the MAC and a friend of hers reinstalled the OS. My question is.. are the pictures gone? They did a search for the files with no luck. Are the files saved with a different extension? Is there anyway to retrieve them, even with some kind forensic software? Just a note: When she saves new pictures to the iphoto program, the sequence of the photo numbers starts from where they left off. Matbe thats standard, but I just thought that might mean there still located somewhere.

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The iPhoto pictures are kept in this location: The Hard Drive->Users->the user name's folder->Pictures. The iPhoto folder with the pictures should be kept in there. Hopefully someone did not reinitialize the drive during the install. If they did, you will be out of luck. Good luck.


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ditto. as far as the numbering goes, the camera does that, not iphoto.