I take a jpeg from my nikon, edit it in Photoshop, hit the save button and try to import it into iPhoto and it refuses it with a message that the photo is the of an unrecognized file type or may not contain valid data. It starts out as a JPG and I make no changes to the format, the name or the file type...just a few color changes and clean up. I have done this before, in fact to most of my photos in iPhoto. What is wrong with the newest update? Or is it me?

I have tried to import it then edit it and re-import it. That does not work either.

I tried to edit it save it, but iPhoto doesn't recognize the changes.




U.S.D.A. Prime
Can you do a "Save As..." and specifically save the photo as a JPEG, then try to import into iPhoto? I'm thinking something's going awry with the file format when you save it out of PhotoShop...