hello I have installed the MacOsX 10.4.2 Server... I did all upgrades then try to open IPhoto5 for my surprise it is not installed but there is some parts of the software in my computer and when I try to execute it in the applications folder I received a message: Iphoto.app is damage or incomplete, I downloaded the last version of Iphoto and tried to install it give me a message you cant install this because there is no Iphoto installed in your computer.... I try to reinstall it from the DVD but I cant find the way and I cant to reinstall all OS again.... can you help me? Thanks a lot....
try checking this thread

iLife'05 is not part of the os it's a separate "group" of softwares, it comes installed with new Macs so the solution seems to be buying iLife'05...
But mine Osx server should be installed the Iphoto... it seems broken or damage, but I dont know how to reinstall only Iphoto when I try to use the original disk it wants to reinstall all OSX.... :(
But thanks a lot....
Are you sure yoiu have OS X 10.4.2 Server, or do you have OS X 10.4.2?

In any case, iPhoto doesn't come with either.
Either way: You either have a DVD that came with your computer containing additional software or you have the iLife DVD (guess not). If you have neither, you don't actually have iPhoto 5.
I have the OSX server.... and in my instalations I have some traces of Iphoto, but it doesnt work... it seems broken or damage is the alert when I try to open it from the applications then it means I have it in my computer, I need to know if i can install or reinstall only Iphoto I dont want to reinstall all OSX... :)
Yes, you can reinstall iPhoto from the original disks that you got iPhoto from.

Retail Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server packages do not include iPhoto.

Mac OS X disks that came with the computer may or may not have iPhoto on them, depending on what kind of computer it is. If they do, a program called Pacifist (available from http://versiontracker.com) will help if iPhoto is not separately installable.

The short answer is that you will need to locate the original media that iPhoto came on. It will either be a retail iLife '05 DVD/CD set, or, some Mac OS X disks that actually came with the computer. You cannot "fix" iPhoto or reinstall it without locating the original iPhoto media.
I am trying to restore iPhoto using Pacifist. However, I cannot locate iPhoto anywhere on the restore discs that came with my computer (runninng Tiger 10.4.3). I've found Mail, iChat, iTunes, but no iPhoto, iDVD, or iMovie. Any idea where they are hiding?
iDVD, and Garageband are on the disk entitled other software. iphoto, i will agree with you, is nowhere to be found.

it, i think, is part of the install of the computers original MacOS. the retore disks, when installing (on mine) 10.3.5 install iphoto as part of the OS, but the boxed retail versions of the OS don't have any ilife apps. you have two options:

'borrow' iphoto off someone elses computer (burn a CD with their iphoto.app on it), or buy iLife '06 for £40 and get the full suite of updated apps.
Lemme know when you get your copy of iLife '06 and what's new with it -- I thought I was on the bleeding edge with iLife '05!

j/k ;)
the only major differences i can see are that iphoto now librarys movies, but then outsources them to quicktime player to play, and there's a different layout, and in Garageband, you can now use your typing keyboard as a midi keyboard.

nothing major. best to leave it two years, and then upgrade. or buy a new mac.... :p