iPod 2G sound not working


I have a 2G 20GB iPod and recently the headphone jack has become loose and sound only comes from the right headphone. I have replaced the headphones with a brand new set of in ear headphones (which work fine on other devices) and there is still no sound from the left ear. I sometimes can hold the headphones in tight and wiggle them around to get sound from the left, but it's not ideal. I am definatley out of warranty and don't want a new iPod yet. Does anyone know about Apple's service repair options? I went online and they said I could get new parts but not internal ones. They said I could get the whole thing replaced for $250 online but with what model? If Im going to spend this much, should I get a nano instead? But the nano doens't display photos on TV right? Would they give me a 20GB color display for $250? Basically I'm paying for a new iPod and they 're taking my old one so I'm in essence trading mine in for $50
Thanks - just looked on both stores in Manhattan and they don't offer iPod repairs. Found three sites online that offer audio jack replacement for 1and 2G iPods for $65-$75. I guess I'll do this, but I need another iPod in the meantime. Shuffle or Nano?