iPod on Linux

I recently restored my friends Dell Optiplex GX270. I installed Linux onto it and he loves Linux but he does not get how to sync his iPod. He has a 5th gen iPod Video 30GB. I installed gtkpod and it dont seem to work Rhythmbox does not sync even though it supports iPods it has no way to make playlists or sync to the iPod. I would help him but i know nothing about iPods and i have never owned or used one. Looking online has not helped. What so you all recommend?
Does the gtkipod troubleshooting page help at all?

Does the iPod mount in Linux?

'Doesn't seem to work' is not a very helpful symptom. You need to supply more details:
Error messages, log entries, etc.
Can you see music titles on the iPod screen?
Can you browse files on the iPod from the Linux desktop? if yes, then you can copy and transfer music to pc.
GTK project is dead now. No support for iOS 8 and later releases.
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