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I am trying to download adobe flash player10 and it keeps telling me download failed safari cannot download this file.Can the Itouch download this file or is it for computers only.I chose the download for mac should I use a windows version.I cant open certain web sites without it.And Is there a way to zoom in.Its hard to read some of the small writing on some web sites
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First of all, this is not the place to post questions (hint: read the sticky note at the top of this section of the forum).

Second of all, there is no Flash on the iPod touch or iPhone. You cannot install Flash on the iPod touch or iPhone. There is no way to view Flash content on the iPod touch or iPhone.

To zoom in and out on a web page, simply pinch (zoom out) or expand (zoom in) with your fingers. All of this is explained on Apple's iPod/iPhone page (hint: look under "Safari" for "Zooming and Scrolling").