Is It Possible To Use Appletv Gen4 With A Hard Drive ?


Is it possible to use AppleTV Gen4 with Hard Drive to create a media style player... I'm currently using my MacPro 12 Core as a PLEX server but the streaming of very large files over my wifi can prove too much at times (12GB files).... is it possible to use the PLEX app on the new AppleTV and connect a hard drive directly into the back of it via USB... something like a Western Digital Media Player so that movie files play direct from the hard drive instead of struggling sometimes over wifi..?

Could that be possible...? Any suggestions or comments most welcome.

When streaming over the Air high 1080p or better through the air you better be using a 4K connections! On your Mac Pro hold down the 'option' key while click on the Wi-Fi icon in the Finder menu to see your connection speed!