Is it worth paying for another year of Netgear Armor?


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I got this BitDefender-powered software when I bought a small Orbi Mesh system last year. It's clean, simple and doesn't intrude needlessly. It (probably does) cover my iMac and two iDevices. It'll cost me $60 for the year ahead and $99 thereafter. It has spotted nothing on any ot 3 gadgets. I know the Mac-and-AV controversy is a tired old one but it's still unsettled, it seems.
Do I need more than the built-in stuff on the Mac and do I need to bother about the other two iThings? My usage is light and personal and my Gmails are checked on Google's servers anyway. Do you advise any other measures instead?
I say yes! you should look any a reverse software because you'll be surprised on all the cookies calling to many places besides updating! The software is called Little Snitch is still old style pay usually every one or two years of Mac OS updates!
Thanks, satcomer for your reply and reminding me of Little Snitch and what it can show. My query was, in spite of the scary-looking traffic, whether this was actually a threat and worth worrying about or if there is a cheaper tool for peace of mind.
My need has been put on hold thanks to some of life's distractions and my missing the 'unsubscribe' date!
If I'm still alive this time next year I'll need this info so, of anybody has some input, I'll be grateful to hear it now and have a chance to think about it before then!
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Sophos Home addition is very good for active (automatic) protection, and is free.
Malwarebytes is also very good, but the free version has to be run manually.