Is there a way to "fool" the servers?


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I am taking classes online, and the eCollege server doesn't think that Safari or Firefox (or any other non-M$, or Netscape Browser) will play nice with the server and pages. Is there a way to fool it to thinking that what i am using is netscape or whatever? I thought I remember some way to modify the "name" of the browser so that when it tests the browser name it sees Explorer, or whatever.
Just curious.


Try using safari enhancer to add on the debug menu to safari. under that menu there is an option to change how safari identifies itself to servers. One option lists PC MS explorer, you can try that. Here is a link:


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Safari Enhancer still does not work in Tiger. So you will have to enable it the old fashion way, via Terminal (without Safari running at the time).

The command (do not include the % symbol):

% defaults write IncludeDebugMenu


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hmm, maybe i should contact eCollege and tell them it is very unethical to not have support for other browsers! I'll throw in some colorful colloquials just to get the ball rolling and see where tech support comes up. hhahaha


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This is what I get;

Bob-Woods-G4:~ bob$ defaults write IncludeDebugMenu
2005-05-06 07:20:55.920 defaults[1286]
Rep argument is not a dictionary
Defaults have not been changed.


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Bob, I am stupid. I left out the important ending.

defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

Note the 1. I apologize.


You could just edit the file and add the following line under the first instance of <dict>
That will give you the debug menu.