Is there anyway to Obtain Classic?


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Hi whoever is reading this, help me out. I have switched to Mac OS X when it first came out. However, I'm not the smartest person.
I installed Mac OS X, and I didn't have 9.1 installed, unwittingly, I returned
Mac OS X to get my money back, yet still keep the Operating system installed on my computer. So basically, I am running Mac OS X yet with no classic.
It's a major pain because somtimes I can't play the games I want or use a preferred Application for every App isn't cocoa-ed or Carbonized yet.
Is there anyway to get Classic or more specifically 9.1 for Mac OS X?
Any help would be appreciated.


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To use classic, Mac OS X needs not only a System 9.1 folder, but to modify it during install. You only easy recourse is to use the system 9 that came with your iMac, upgrade it to 9.1 if it is 9.04, and install OSX overtop.

Some of the gurus on these forums may know a way to boot from your install cd, install 9.1, and perhaps find a way to get an already installed OSX to add classic support. I doubt that that will work, however.

p.s. - how did you convince anybody to take back software you've used???

- Scott


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I will be in no way associated with those who conspire to conspire.

So you don't have a 9.1 CD??



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Originally posted by scott
To use classic, Mac OS X needs not only a System 9.1 folder, but to modify it during install.

I do not have 9.1 installed, not did I when I installed X.



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Did you install 9 after X like whitesaint is trying to do, or do you just run X and not use classic? or am I out to lunch?

If I am being an imbecile, tell me now so I shut up:confused:

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You'd need at least a 9.0.4 CD in order to update to 9.1 (which X needs). I assume the OS CD he has is pre 9.0.4. If not, ITz the Man's suggestion would work...

I have a question for those of you who have installed X without 'classic.' Did you have to do anything special in order to get X to install without 9.1? I'm curious cuz as soon as DVD reading and writing is available in OS X, I'd like to get rid of classic too (I have a separate volume with 9.1 on it that I could boot into if I really wanted/needed).

Also, if you have had experience with both X with classic and X without classic, is there any difference in performance? I have no real complaints with OS X's performance but it seems many people do and maybe this'd be a way for some of them to get a speed boost?



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I have 3 iMacs, I don't have Classic installed, what "ItZ" suggested didn't work, because in order to run a classic application you need Classic installed, even if i was booting straight from the CD.
It would be real nice if they had a carbonized version of the 9.1 installer, and i have 9.04. Please respond to me, this is not only helping me out but others
out as well. Thanks


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I think I misunderstod Scott. You do have to have 9.1 if you are going to use classic. NOTHING other than 9.1 will work. Whitesaint: OSX comes with 9.1, The reason Apple doesn't have an installer to let you run something earlier than 9.1 is because they usually like people to payfor and keep the software they sale, not "rent" and pirate it.

And who now-a-days lets you return software?

I am sorry if I sound mean, I am just trying to be straight foward with you. I could, probably be a little more tactfull.

scott: you don't have to install 9.1 if you are not going to use classic and don't need to be able to reboot into OS9, but you do have to install 9.1 if you plan to run classic apps. I was doing to exact same thing, had OS9 on one small partition, OSX on the rest. I only kept OS9 to play DVDs and maybe run any legacy apps I came across. Well, it turns out I am too lazy to reboot to play DVDs (plus I havn't had any reason to yet, no trips or anything) and I just don't like running classic apps with "emulation" it just feels yucky to me. I can wait a little while (hopefully weeks, not months) for DVD and Office to come out. In terms of speed difference, I did not notice any because I never used classic mode while in OSX. That is the only time I think you might "feel" a difference.

Anyways, enough of my ranting-


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So you have the 9.0.4 CD and a computer running OS X without a classic system installed. This shouldn't be to much of a problem.

Part you'll need:

1) Mac OS 9.0.4 install CD
2) Mac OS 9.1 update (see: )
3) System Disk utility (see: )

Either boot from the 9.0.4 CD (actual install, not the restoration) or put the CD in and select startup disk in the system preferences (it should see the system folder on the CD). Preform the 9 install. When done, collect all of the new parts that were install (9.0.4 is messier than 9.1) and put them in a folder call "Mac OS 9". Run the 9.1 software upgrade. When you have 9.1 up and running, use the System Disk utility to choose Mac OS X, and then restart.

Login, and open up a classic app. The system should see 9.1, and see that it has not been use for classic before. It'll ask you if you want to use it classic and if it is okay to install the classic components in 9.1, select yes or continue. Classic should start up with out any problem after that.

Hope that helps.


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XRacer : Thanks for the help it really sounds like it will work.
And i dont want topush you farther than you already have gone to help me,
but the "System Disk Utility" address you gave me led to a Startup Disk Address. Do you think there is another place to download it from,
or am I out of luck:confused: ??


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If you have access to another MacOS 9.1 computer, just make a copy of its system folder (witht the bare essentials of course not to have it be too big).

Thats what I did. I did not want to update from 9.0.4 to 9.1 (dont ask me why lol... I just dont like 9.1 :p)



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Help me Out!!! I installed 9.1 like RacerX said and now i cannot get back to Mac OS X.
Have i lost Mac OS X forever? Someone Help!!!!!:eek:
Look in your control panels for "start up disk" (or was it "system folder"). You can use that control panel to select your OS.


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I can e-mail you my startup disk utililty (I'm actually using 3.3 for the PB still). Also if you clear your PRAM, it may start back up in Mac OS X (if you have all of you 9.1 things in the "Mac OS 9" folder, the system should OS X before 9.1 when looking for a system to start the computer).

By the way, did you click the arrow next to your startup volume? OS X doesn't show up normally if you have both 9.1 and 10. on the same volume.


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hi again, well i tried what ItZtheMan said and still no luck.
However I just bought Mac OS X and returned it again.
But now it won't let me install 10.01 update. I suppose I'll figure out somthing sooner or later. Thanks for all your help guys.:cool:


Whitesaint, why did you install OS X and then send it back to Apple for a refund? Did you actually think you were going to save money, keep OS X and never encounter problems again with that one-time installation? Just buy Mac OS X again and quit fussing around. It sure is funny reading about your panic:


Help me Out!!! I installed 9.1 like RacerX said and now i cannot get back to Mac OS X.
Have i lost Mac OS X forever? Someone Help!!!!!

To answer your question, NO, you have not lost OS X FOREVER. Just go here:,59 and plunk down the $129.00 to get your OS X back. I think this will relieve your concerns and ease your tensions .

See? God is watching you and won't let you get away with cheating Apple Computer. Now, if you cheated Microsoft, like everyone else has, pirating Office 97, 2000, etc...whatever..., nobody would notice or even think about it. Kinda lets you know what platform is more important in the grand scheme of things, eh?

I'm sure the Apple Engineers, perhaps even Avie Tevanian, are laughing their arses off at your misfortune. You can probably bet they read these forums too. Just buy the OS again and KEEP IT this time.
I'm just wondering what went wrong when you tried to boot off a pre-OS X cd (sorry, I called it classic last time), and tryed to install from there.

RacerX, just lettin you know that since PB, apple changed the name of the old system back from "Mac OS 9" to "System Folder" and in doing that changed the name of the OS X system folder to just "System."