Is this an Outside connection or My MacBook Pro


I have been getting something trying to connect through Little Snitch. I am not sure what or who it maybe. Here is the connection:

It's an IPv6 address, but those are a bit harder than the traditional IPs to find out more.
It seems to be located in US, but I can't find a hostname or more info with the name.
Is there any other information about the connection in Little Snitch? Any details about the program asking for access?
Falls under mDNSResponder in Little Snitch. No other information in Little Snitch. Seems to happen when I am connected to my university, but why would the university use this when I do get a address of
I wonder if it is other devices of people visiting? is an IPv4 address.

2601:7:6bc0:2a:484c:cf96:6f88:65bd is an IPv6 address.

It's possible for a computer to obtain and use both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses simultaneously.

mDNSResponder is used by Bonjour, the "automatic" service-finding protocol by Apple. Probably, your computer is periodically sending out "Bonjour" packets and listening for responses from other Bonjour-enabled computers.

It's nothing to be worried about.