Is this guy Jared?


Remember that lil freeware app Jared that MacAddict just went nuts over? It's ported to X now too. Man that's an annoying application... Anyway, is this icon: :eek: a tip-of-the-hat to that app?
Ha ha ha
They even had a newton app called jared :p

have you tried Neko on OS X ?
Its a cat that runs around teh screen ;)
Kinda cute on my newton :p (although it annoys the hell outta me most of te time so I have it closed)

Originally posted by macavenger
That Neko application is the main reason my mom wants to switch to OS X. She is absolutely nuts about cats.

Heh heh.. I never thought of Neko as a "killer app" that would make someone switch over to X. That's cute :)