Is this malware? CPU 100% x2 drainage in Activity Monitor.


Lately I've had two things showing up in my Activity Monitor crushing my CPU and battery. They are called Clunist and Sauroctonos. Is this malware? What is it? They keep popping up at random a few times a day.
I've googled endlessly and tried finding the source. Any info, help, advice to figure this out and get it off my Mac would be much appreciated. Attached screenshot.


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Your sample shot shows the location of the file.

Yes, it looks suspicious. Common malware puts randomly named processes in place to try to fool antivirus, or anti-malware utilities.
If you have tried your Malwarebytes, and found nothing, that's likely why: It randomly renamed the processes as it installed, and Malwarebytes doesn't pick that up.
So, those are random names, Suaroctonos is an alternate name for some greek statues of the god Apollo. AFAIK, it means nothing beyond that, so just a random name. The other doesn't appear to have any reference anywhere, but is a pronounceable name.
Anyway, the Activity Monitor shows you the path to the Clunist file: /usr/local/bin/ folder
I suspect that the Sauroctonos file is in the same folder.

Before you delete the files, what happens when you just try to stop the process (in Activity Monitor). Does it immediately relaunch?