Is This Possible With Applescript?


Ultimately I would like an application where you click an icon an a window/pop up box/whatever (I am not picky) comes up and you type in the IMEI off of a cell phone and click Enter. When you click enter it automatically fills out the form (it's only 1 field) at

Is that possible? If so, could anyone assist me?

It'd be even better if it could do that at the site mentioned above AND but I see the second website has captcha so I doubt that'd be possible.

A pop up that looks like this image would be cool.


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OK, I'm curious…
So, entering a single number in a scripted window, whose purpose is to fill in a single field in one web site…
What advantage would there be if you could do that?
That is, more than just going to that site, and entering your number (in only one step, too :D )

I'm guessing you want to do more, like entering a list of EMEI's all at the same time to check EMEI status ….
Maybe I assume too much...