iScreen removal



I need a bit of help.

I have a mac mini that I use as a plex media server. Since installation it had a problem refreshing the screen via scrren sharing (it's a headless client). In the past I had used something called iScreen which I installed. Unfortunately this time it didn't work and basically doesn't show me the screen at all via screen sharing. I tried to just remove the package via the command line but I think it's more than just a directory structure dropped into the Application directory and it obviously has some links that I can't see.

Does anyone know how I might determine what needs to go or what I need to do to get the scrren sharing working again ?

Many thanks



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First if you are in 10.8.x then join the club because it seems to be a bug affecting a lot of people.

Also if you want to deinstall use a program like the free donationware AppCleaner to see if it can get the program deinstalled.