iSight Camera


Hi am having problems with my built in camera. i have a Mac OSx running 10.4.11. This afternoon I was able to take pics on Photobooth, then suddenly started having this problem.

When i try to use photobooth it says:
"Photobooth cannot open because no camera is attached or the camera is in use by another application.
Make sure your digital video camera is properly attached and turned on. If you are using the camera with another application, close that application before trying to open Photo Booth again."

Also, is iSight a programme like iPhoto and meant to be loaded into applications cos isn't there (sorry am not much good at all this stuff).

i have reinstalled all the programmes etc from the two DVDs, but still not working.

Any ideas?


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Have you any of these apps running?

iChat, iMovie 6, Comic Life, and PhotoBooth.

If you're not sure, have a look in Activity Monitor under "All Processes", found in your Utilities folder which is in the Applications folder.



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Also reset your SMU (I didn't link to an Apple document because you never said what Mac you are using).