iSync and support of new mobile phones


I have just bought a brand new Sony Ericsson (K750i), which I am very happy for. Unfortunately I have just found out that my version of iSync (1.5 v139), running on Panther (10.3.9) does not support this phone.
Apple has made the new version of iSync available but in order to upgrade to it, one needs to buy Tiger, which I am not interested to right now.
Does anyone have an idea on how to circumvent this problem? What do you think of the policy of Apple who forces people to upgrade their Mac OX version?
As Satcomer mentioned already:
I don't think Apple should provide compatibility for new devices in their obsolete software as less as you would expect OS8 to support current gpus. They are working on their new software and it's their right to ask money for it. Otherwise there would be no motivation to work on a better compatibility for the rapidly growing hardware market. If you want to stay up to date with the hardware you will need to keep your software up to date too.
While I agree that Apple has to concentrate on their new software, I think iSync's non-support for newer phones is a little pathetic. All it often needs is a small entry into the supported phones list. And if they "add support for a newer phone" (sounds like a lot of work but is basically just adding the _name_ of the phone...) in iSync 2 for Tiger, why not add the phones to iSync 1.x as well? Well, yes, to force users to upgrade OS X, but I just don't think that's swell.