iSync Problem (Bug? Or just me being stupid)



Having installed Tigger and being totally happy, i noticed something odd going on with my iSync. Can anyone help?

Basically, i have my iSync displayed in my menu bar at all times. The only options in there now are "Sync Now" and "Open .Mac Sync Preferences". In Panther i also had "Open iSync". However thats not the main problem.

If i click sync now in the menu bar, it seems to work, throws up no errors, ut doesnt actually sync with my phone. If i actually open the isync app, then hit sync, it all works and my phone gets updated! Any ideas on this?? I would have thought i should be able to sync from the menu bar.

For that matter, should i not have a list of devices in the menu bar? In which case my phone should be in there!

Help :)
I think it really only syncs .Mac right now - which is a bug in my opinion. I've had it not working with my mobile phones since the Tiger betas - and it still doesn't work for me in 10.4.2 betas. Guess right now, you have to use the iSync app instead. I also don't know whether it works if you _do_ have .Mac sync setup properly, i.e. does it synch to the mobile phones and PDAs then, too? Maybe someone who's got .Mac sync and a mobile phone set up could elaborate...
Thanks for that, thought i was going crazy. Unfortunately thats a bit of a gap for me, since i dont use .mac :p

I guess ill wait and see if subsequent updates address it in some way.
Weird -- my iPod syncs by choosing "Sync Now" from the iSync menu without the iSync app actually being open.

Perhaps it's just phones/PDAs that require iSync to actually be open.
See thats the weird thing, with the app open, the menu item still doesnt sync the phone, only by pressing sync in the app do i get a sync working.

Yet no errors pop up when using menu item.