iTunes 11 won't let me burn a CD.


I received an mp3 from a friend and imported into iTunes 11. I want to burn it to a CD so I can listen to it while driving. Following directions in "help", it said that the burn option would not appear if I was not authorized to copy it that way. Sure enough, the option did not appear in any menu after inserting a new disc.

I took the file to my wife's Snow Leopard machine and imported into iTunes 10, and it allowed me to burn a CD without problems.

The file came with graphics and info embedded, but I couldn't find any mention of copy restrictions.

Is there any way to tell iTunes 11 to calm down?


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Maybe deleting (dragging to the TrashCan but deleting just yet) the iTunes Preference in ~/Library/Preferences/ and see if that helps. After that I am not sure. Plus check if the finder still can burn a disk or not to see if is just iTunes or System wide or a bad drive.

If move that iTunes file didn't help then you could always put it back.

Good Luck.