iTunes 2: did it erase your HD or not?

Did you ran into troubles installing iTunes 2?

  • No, worked fine

  • Yes, it deleted my HD (or part of it)

  • Yes, some other bugs

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Just trying to see what % of users were hit, about...
If anyone got there drives erased AFTER installing the soft, please tell me... I installed without problems, but you never know =/
shows that either very few people were affected, or that people affected lost their browsers... still waiting for Apple's apologies though.
That damn iTunes 2 installer deleted 99.9 % of the files on one of my firewire drive partitions! :mad:
Luckily, I had a 3 weeks old norton "image" of the drive, so I saved almost all my files :)

I have a theory that all apple software/systems that has a version number that ends on ".0" means bugs, disasters, crashes and missing features... ;)
, I mean SO GLAD, that didn't happen to me!

Sorry to anyone who this did happen to, Apple slipped up pretty bad there!
i think a company as big as Apple releasing software that erases user's hard drives is a little worse than "pretty bad" it will be interesting to see if there is an apology released...
Looks like the real story on the bug hasn't reached this thread yet. itunes2 doesn't delete anything, it can (didn't happen to me) change file permissions so that you can't see your files. They are all still there though.
Yep Jadey is right just login into root and go into getinfo and then privillages and choose all users can read and write. :) You guys have to read the news or forums more often :D
The installer was designed to look for the old version of iTunes and delete it.

Apparently the problem was caused by not enclosing the variable for the disk in quotes.

old version:


# if iTunes application currently exists, delete it
if [ -e $2Applications/ ] ; then
rm -rf $2Applications/ 2> /dev/null

exit 0

new version:


# if iTunes application currently exists, delete it
if [ -e "$2Applications/" ] ; then
rm -rf "$2Applications/" 2> /dev/null

exit 0

So if your disks were called "Disk", "Disk 1", "Disk 2", etc... the old script would effectivley do a rm -rf Disk. Bad.
There is a report on that says

Update: In some cases, the files may not have been erased, but instead their permissions altered so that they no longer appear in the Finder, but will appear in Mac OS 9. However, there seems to be a second issue, were files are actually erased if there is a space in the volume name.

So apparently there was some of both file deletions and simple file permission changing.
testuser: I read it on forums where people said they could see their files still when sudo'ing in the terminal or logging in as root as ablack6956 has mentioned. However, macfixit appears to be right, it can do this or delete your files on install. I never read the end user agreement when installing, but I'm sure some clause in their releases Apple of any responsibility if that happens. Seems like they should be held responsible though.
Haha, changed file peremissions... yeah, right... :D
That dams dangerous installer deleted 18 GB of files on one of my Firewire partitions, named Firewire. No, it doesn't even have a space in it's name. Around 50 megs of useless files were left.
I totally have 5 partitions (on 3 drives). They are named Firewire, FireWire II, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X 5M13 and Mac OS X, so FireWire is the partition that will appear first if sorted alphabetically. May that have something with it to do?...
Did anyone read my earlier post? :mad:

I think I'll crawl back under that rock I came from!
Yep, that's a good idea, but I only have my downloaded files for the half last year and a 9.2 system folder (for classic) on Firewire II. And I set the installer to install it on Mac OS X 5M13.
So I really wonder what the programmers did wrong...
I'd kill them if I didn't have that norton "backup"!
I'm just waiting for an apologize from apple, I lost all my files newer than 3 weeks...
I don't think I lost any data on my external firewire drive, and my internal drive (named "Cube" until I think of something better) also seems to be untouched, but there is a ton of stuff I don't keep track of. So how do you know if the installer will delete stuff or not, if it only affects some people?