Itunes 4.9 CD Burning Issues


Since I upgraded to iTunes 4.9 I've had serious issues burning audio CDs from iTunes. I using the same set of SONY CDs I was using before when I didn't have any issues. I'm using an iBook G3 running 10.2.8. Seems the only thing that works is to keep inserting new CDs until it finds one it likes. I've seen this issue on many forums but no real solution except try other makes of CDs. Any thoughts on what Apple did or how to work around it?
My iTunes sometimes doesn't like the order in which i choose to burn cd's:
To ensure it burns first time without spitting the cd out i open up itunes, select my playlist, insert the cd, wait for it to register, hit the burn button, wait or it to ok the cd on the lcd screen and then hit burn. If i turn these steps around it gets a little tempered. Basic solution but may be of some help.