iTunes 4.9: iPhone and videoparty

i think the find is more to do with transfering files to the new moto / itunes phone. rather than an iphone.

looks like you'll be able to transfer songs to the new phones via itunes much the same way you do with ipods.

though the 'videoparty' thing sounds very interesting!
I s'pose this feature would be limited to the new Moto phone? Or would we be able to transfer to any phone with an MP3 player?
The challenge for Apple will be to have enough customer power to push providers to also offer iPhone (any brand), whereas providers would like to sell their own music at much higher rates !

Will Apple succeed in forcing ATT, Sunrise, Orange and other France telecom to accept a product that does not create value for them ? What if market studies show that teenagers with iPhone listen to more music... and call less ?
Hm. But there wasn't any announcement of the Mototunes phone today, right? Do we have pictures of this French newspaper thingie? Or only MacBidouille's word of a report? Because if not, the situation is more or less the same as a year (or even more?) ago. So far, a mobile phone connecting directly to iTunes and running some version of iTunes on the phone, is simply vapourware, even if iTunes 4.9 now has references to those things in its code... I think Apple/Moto _really_ announced this at a very early time... They should've just come out with it when it was ready.
Here is works, but nothing very fancy... the mention in Apple code shows that there is still activity around this concept at Apple.

The Figaro info is not that important, I agree.