1. TuckerdogAVL

    Why do settings mysteriously reset on the iphone11? And iPad? and Macmini?

    I'm putting this under "iPhone" since it usually seems to be where the most issues come from. I'll have my iCloud photo set, my info on the contacts, sharing all set, etc. Then for some reason, for example, this morning, my photo in iMessages has vanished. It's on the iPad, but not the MacMini...
  2. TuckerdogAVL

    Need a quick tutorial on MEMORIES in PHOTOS on iPhone 2023

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post. But since apparently the only way to edit the Memories is through the phone, I thought I'd start here. I was trying to do this on my Mac mini and the large computer but apparently I have to do the edits with swipes and clicks on the phone. So...
  3. TuckerdogAVL

    why doesn’t auto fill work any more?

    Back in the olden days, prior to the latest OS updates, I could rely on auto fill on the iPad by pressing my thumb. Sometimes sort of occasionlly works now. So, into settings, keychain, look up site, highlight, copy, go back, paste…. save…. doesn’t. Back in the olden days, I would click on send...