Need a quick tutorial on MEMORIES in PHOTOS on iPhone 2023


Not sure if this is the correct place to post. But since apparently the only way to edit the Memories is through the phone, I thought I'd start here. I was trying to do this on my Mac mini and the large computer but apparently I have to do the edits with swipes and clicks on the phone.

So, here's what I'm trying to figure out.

1. What algorithm or what is deciding to make a memory? - I have memories that are named a date with 2 photos in it, or ones with 50. So, there are lots of "memories" and they make no sense ie Dog 2 photos, Sept 2 (what year?) 2 photos

2. How do I get Memories or the iPhone or the Photos to change the name of a person (they have the person named after our dog that died 6 years ago), while the same person is in a memory. ie Tucker shows my partners photo and his name is Stephan and he also is a memory. I can delete Tucker, the photos of Stephan, but I don't want to. I want to get those photos in the memory titled Stephan.

3. How do I consolidate all these 2, 3, 1, 5, photo memories?

4. I have one memory called "Among the trees" with some lame music under it. Tree, tree, autumn tree, trees in the mountains, Photo of Friend, Tree, ... wait? What is he doing in there? How do I remove that? or Move it?

I really don't have time to take a college level course on this, so I was wondering if people in the know, or Apple experts can tell me how to do this? I came here because it's my go-to source in all things confusing with Apple. After I gave up searching for "how to do this on anything other than an iPhone or iPad" Apparently it's impossible to do this without knowing the secret.

I have 7,500 photos. Some have keywords, some not.Most aren't identified as place or person as I'm not someone who shares photos just because I took one. Any help is appreciated.

Here's some examples that are frustrating and absurd.
  • Among the trees is at the top. Later on, Among the trees shows up again.
  • The three snow memories are all the same time period, yet there are three memories (now, they weren't taken all on the same day, but they are within the same 72 hr period)
  • February 7 and February 10. Same trip. Consolidate?


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