iTunes 5.0 and purchased music


Running a dual G5, plenty of RAM, two 400 GB drives. One drive has iTunes 5.0 something, the other iTunes 4.0 something. After upgrading to iTunes 5.0, I get an error message when I plud my 20GB touch-wheel iPod into the system: "You will not be able to copy songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store to the iPod "Pishnaris' iPod" because your iPod software is too old. Go to to get the latest iPod software update."

Like a good iPodder, I downloaded iPod updater 2005-09-23, a 37mb file, unstuffed it, and tried to install it. No go. I get a message that there is nothing to install.

Booted to the drive with iTunes problem at all. Well, one problem...I can't find my purchased music on the first drive, so I can't move it to the iPod, but there is no error message, and I could copy other Music Store files to the iPod.

Has anyone seen this problem? Apple say's tough luck...$50 to straighten out the problem. They screw it up, charge money for music I can't use, and want me to pay to fix the problem.

And Steve say's the music industry is greedy? It seems to me that he's throwing rocks in a glass house.

Thanks for any help folks,

Did you update the software on your iPod, using the iPod Software Updater in the Utilities folder? Even though you may not need a new copy of the iPod Software Updater application, your iPod may still need updating...
If it can't update it, you should still be able to clean it and reinstall the software using the updater.
Diablo, Fryke....thanks. I had assumed that the update could be done from the mounted disk that I downloaded from the iPod site. Apparently, those updates had been downloaded to the Utilities folder during a software update check. Launching from that location worked just fine, but I probably wouldn't have been aware of the location if you hadn't pointed me to it.

Thanks greatly, all is well; I love Mac again :)