itunes - can't find burner message


Just want to burn some songs I DIDN"T PURCHASE and DON'T HAVE TO PURCHASE as I created them. AND am not TRYING TO STEAL. I love this crap. So, I click on "Burn playlist" in iTUNES and I get the message "Can't find CD burner or software" which exists and can burn any data I want. Backed up a huge file on my compooter just to make sure something hadn't happened to the software or the burner. No problem. Go back to Itunes. Safari, all applications are turned off because I wouldn't want big brother to think I was trying to STEAL THEIR MUSIC....and I get "itunes can't find software or cd burner" when I put the blank CD in the CD BURNER. So, any suggestions for someone trying to burn some songs on a CD that he created himself? and didn't download? or wasn't sent by someone else trying to steal? OR WHATEVER OTHER PROBLEM? Of course, when you go to the APPLE site you get all the "purchased, sold, bought, tried to buy, want to buy, buy, buy, buy" problems you may encounter...but there is nothing that seems to answer this problem? I need these to send out to a potential PRODUCER out in the, oh, next two hours...something that should have taken ten minutes has already taken an hour of my life I will never get back. Guess I shouldn't have upgraded from iTunes 3.0 as there wasn't a problem then.
We need quite a bit more information to even begin to diagnose your problem...

What version of OS X are you using?
What version of iTunes are you using?
What CD burner? Internal? External? Factory from Apple, or something you installed yourself?
What Macintosh?

Also, what is the exact error message you get? Is it "can't find CD burner or software," or something slightly different?

Just on a side note, there is no "big brother" with Apple. They're not watching through Safari. They have no idea what songs you have in iTunes. They can't see anything on your computer, legal or illegal. Even if you do "steal" some music from someone else or someplace else and try to play/burn it on your computer, nothing is transmitted to Apple that could personally identify you or your location, and even if there was, they're not coming after you. A simple message pops up saying that the song won't play and that's that.