Itunes doesn't recognize my iphone 4 backup


I did the backup on an iphone 4, and I restore the iphone, then I tried to put bavk the backup on the phone and search for the backup on itunes but i couldn't find it, so I search for it and I have the files but they are Unix executable files, how can I restore those files back or can I just get the contacts and pictures??

Thanks for your help!


Actually itunes doesn't let me get that particular backup :( so i was trying to get only the contacts and pics from it, any advise DeltaMac?
by the way thanks for your help!!


Did you use your iTunes to back up your iPhone?
If you used some other utility or a different process, then there's probably no way that you could expect to use iTunes to do the restore.
iTunes won't be able to find your backup then.
What app did you use for your backup?