Itunes Missing File - Recently Upgraded to Tiger


I just installed Tiger and now my iTunes keeps stopping with the alert "The movie file "Orig_0248a6c9IETemp" cannot be found. Without this file, the movie cannot play properly. Any ideas??

As a result office productivity and morale are dropping fast... we need tunes!

this is not due to Tiger, but is due to the recent update for iTunes. Some files in your playlist are converted to video.
Open iTunes. Click on your main Library. Control-click on the header line (name, artist, time, etc.). click on Kind so it has a check mark. Then scroll across to the Kind header, and click once on Kind, then scroll down the song list, looking for movie file , or Quicktime movie file. If you find any, look at the name of the file. You are looking for any files that have a small movie camera icon next to the name. Delete any files that have that icon. And you should be back to normal use.