Itunes Music Store Won't Load


I think my firewall software from Norton (3.0), just caused my itunes music store page to not load anymore. It loads till about 95%, then hangs and tells me it can't connect to it.
I still have Internet access. I'm on a G4, OSX 10.3.9 dual 867 with a gig a ram and Road Runner cable modem. Itunes 4.9

I disable the firewall, but the itunes music page will still not load in itunes. I re-installed itunes. Still not luck! Of course I rebooted several times as well. Still no luck.

Any suggestions?
My experiences with Norton products says to me that you need to get rid of the Norton firewall by running the installer again and selecting de-install. Then after that reboot, Fix Permissions with Disk Utility (Applications->Utilities->Disk Utility) then turn on the built in firewall in OS X (under the Sharing System Preference). This will be more than adequate for a Firewall.