itunes rintones 25cents


If itunes started selling ringtones that I could download or send to my phone for 25 cents I would probably buy a few. Why haven't they started selling these? I have never bought ringtones because I would never buy a partial song or something that sounds like it is being played on a kazoo. It is hard for me to imagine that people buy ringtones for 99 cents and 1.99 yet they won't buy the entire song for 99 cents. Let's go Apple lets have 100,000 ringtones available by october 1!!!
Erh... No, thanks. No need for ringtones. They're not really music, and iTMS is a music store.
Tack it may be but they go for €5 each in Ireland. They are huge business in the UK. Can't speak for the States but can they afford to ignore it?
It's easy money. I can't believe the money that is spent on ringtones in Ireland and it's the under 25 age bracket that is driving this. You get a fraction of a tacky single for €5. I have friends who have 15/20 purchased ringtones on their phones. There are ads on every channel selling ringtones, they are often from less than reputable companies and charge you for the ringtone (about €5) and up to €2 for each text message relating to the transaction. I've already heard parents of the children I teach complaining about this. A reputable name like Apple could clean up if they entered this market. That said...I would hate to see tacky ads for ringtones slapped across ITMS.
I'm not saying it's not a market, kids really spend a lot of money for the tones all over Europe - and I'm guessing in other parts of the world, too... But that doesn't mean Apple should enter the market. They'd _really_ damage iTMS' good image...
Warning—Hateful Rant Alert.

I wish nothing but ill will toward all ringtone users. What with their obnoxious and juvenile "melodies" breaking my concentration throughout the day. And why is it that ringtone people insist on having their bloody ring volumes at ear splitting level? Seriously, do you have ANY idea how annoying it is? It's almost a desparate cry for attention—look at me, I've got a loud "unique" ringtone that makes me come across as a complete idiot.

If I were king for a day, I'd outlaw ringtones and mandate that everyone use a generic, (really) low volume pulse tone.

Have a nice day.


My disgust for them aside, it seems like a good idea to go ahead and include in iTunes. I see no harm in it, other than my own misery.
I'm voting "No," on the iTunes Ringtone store, but agree completely with mindbend -- having an obnoxious (or any) ringing phone in a public place is annoying. It's the same as walking in to a room and basically shouting, "Hey! Hey! Hey!" in rhythm for 15 seconds... anyone doing that would probably suffer bodily harm if they kept it up long enough. The same punishment should apply to cell phones -- a phone call is no excuse for causing loud noises for no reason.

The iTunes Ringtone store would surely succeed -- but just because something is easy money doesn't always mean it's worth being pursued.

Now, a nice C-chord Macintosh startup sound as a ringtone -- that would be kinda cool... but remember kids, put your damn phones on "vibrate" in public.
ElDiabloConCaca said:
Now, a nice C-chord Macintosh startup sound as a ringtone -- that would be kinda cool... but remember kids, put your damn phones on "vibrate" in public.

I wouldn't mind having that...interesting thought...if i could find the audio file on my mac for the boot-up, i could put in on my treo...when and IF i ever get one... :D

Agreed these music ringtones are starting to get annoying, i just want a normal god damn ringtone!!!
I've got all the Macintosh startup sounds in WAV format for machines up through the G3 B&W machines on backup somewhere. You're welcome to them if you think you could do something with them.
i am not a fan of ringtones and cell phone people. It just seems like they have been to one to many concerts and everything related to the cell has to be loud. talk loud, loud ringtone. it''s just kinda obnoxious. i can tolerate ringtones at a regular level. it's just that it is all too loud :'(

and a side note, this thread has neither news or rumors... just a thought.