iTunes Store not connecting


I'm having trouble connecting to iTunes Store (UK). Have not been able to get through since Sat evening UK time. (4th Oct). I'm using a Black MacBook 2.16Ghz 2GHz RAM 160GB HD with Leopard 10.5.5 and iTunes version 8.0.1

I get error 2096 An unknown error has occurred. Make sure the connection is active and try again.

My internet connection is active. I have been to the support forums on Apple's site and tried turning off Leopard's firewall and resetting the keychain all to no avail. I've also repaired permissions, and reset the P-RAM.

Is the UK store down for maintenance or has something unknown happened to my system that means the problem is my end?


I've actually solved this. Some help did eventually arrive on Apple's forums. For anyone who experiences the same problem, try clicking the Apple icon, top left of screen. Choose locations, and make sure that it's not set to automatic. That may mean a trip to Network preferences to set up a new location. Quite why iTunes misbehaves like this I don't know. As I say, there were no other internet problems. Hopefully Apple will sort it out sometime soon.
I am having similar problems with connecting to iTunes Store. I keep getting the message "iTunes cannot conneect to the iTunes store. An unknown error occurred (-54)
Make sure your network connection is active and try again"

See attachement.

I am not able to find any reference to such error anywhere

Can anyone help?



Looks like that is often caused by a poorly configured firewall, or sometimes anti-virus software. The software most often mentioned is Intego Virus Barrier...
If you have that software, try uninstalling it.
It may just be a coincidence, or anecdotal, but try repairing permissions (using Disk Utility), and restart your Mac after doing that.
I do have Intego Virus Barrier X6 on my system. But other than uninstalling the virus barrier, is there any way of resolving this error?

Try uninstalling that Virus Barrier, and then check if the problem still exists.
You can probably exclude iTunes from the Intego Virus Barrier, but I don't use that software.
Or, it might be a problem that is listed on the Intego support site, with a fix (I really don't know).

I prefer Sophos Antivirus over other anti-virus solutions. Everything else I have tried uses too much system resources - and even Sophos, for me, is not always stable.