JBL Creature II Speakers - need quick clarification


Hey everyone,

Sorry to clog the forum with such a simple and stupid question, but I need some quick clarification. I went to my local AppleStore today for some JBL Creature II speakers, and they were sold out (pfft!). I found a local Dick Smith store that stocks them, but I'm not sure if they're the same model. Here's a link to the product on their website:


I'm just paranoid coz I assume they're called "Creature II" because there was once a "Creature I". The product name on the website doesn't say "II", so I'm wodering if it is the old model. Dick Smith are always a little behind with the technology (their large selection of VCRs is a testiment to that), so I wanted to make sure before I go in there tomorrow :)

Thank you!
Well you check out the JBL site and check it out. They look the same as the JBL Creature that I have had for almost 3 years. The speakers are pretty good for a 2 speaker system and the base is really good.
thanx dude. I did look on their site, and they do look the same (and I guess are), I was just thrown by Dick Smith's incomplete title. Thought they may have been an old model that looked the same but had one horrible difference.

cheers for that.